Program Highlights

At World Wide Kosher we take care of your spiritual as well as physical needs. We maintain three synagogues at each resort location. Each of our synagogues are well stocked with sefarim. We offer three minyanim daily and an additional “hashkomah minyan”. Don’t worry about packing a machzor, we provide an artscroll machzor for your use doing your Passover stay with us. For those who choose to come a day early, we offer a “Siyum Bechoros”, Monday morning April 10. 2017. We also do Beiur Chometz that morning as well.

For the adults, top name entertainment and stimulating lectures are offered nightly. Daily Daf Yomi classes are offered as well as shiurim and lectures by esteemed Rabbonim. Professional lecturers will captivate and enthrall you with their knowledge and expertise.Comedians, magicians, musical masters and extravaganzas will enliven and delight your evenings.

Childrens' Program

Take advantage of our outstanding childrens’ program. A wide variety of entertainment, fun and games await your children. We offer excellent early child care programming not just babysitting services!  You and your tots will be enchanted by our notable “mommy and me” program. We offer a full schedule of sports, exercise, dance, music, arts and crafts and performances.  Your teens will thoroughly enjoy our comprehensive teens program. We offer tournaments, games, age appropriate lectures and discussions and
excursions. We even have a teen bais midrash program on property.

• 3 Glatt Kosher Meals Daily • Lavish Tea Rooms Daily
• Complete Childrens' Program • Cholov Yisroel
• Lectures and Shiurim • Daily Daf Yomi
• Shmurah Matzoh • Golf Courses
• Aerobics & Excercise Classes • Basketball
• State of the Art Fitness Center • Ping Pong
• Shuffleboard • Boating
• Beach Volleyball • Top Name Entertainment
• Tennis • Bicycle Rentals
• Zumba
• Karaoke
• Israeli Dance • Music
• Separate Swimming Available • Jacuzzis
• European Full Service Spa • Jogging Trails
• CME, CDE & CLE Credits Available for Physicians, Dentists & Attorneys


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